I offer full service in the area of web applications, desktop software, database systems, system administration, scientific and analytic software.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you can benefit from my knowledge and experience. You will find my email and phone number at contact section.

Costs and deadlines are negotiable and depend on the project.

Programming experience:

  • different kind of database application working with MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, limited MongoDb experience.
  • GIS application - file format converter, transformation of Polish coordinates systems, ESRI destop extensions. It used to be ESRI technology but for last years it is dominated by open source (Geoserver, OpenLayers) and web technologies.
  • integrations of MS Office with specific applications (advanced macros, Windows Scripting, etc.)
  • IT support of scientific grants, programs (.NET and Java)
  • web applications: JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, long time ago PHP

Administrative experience:

  • Debian administration
  • DNS and network management
  • VMware virtualization environment
  • Windows 2008 R2 administration

Some of former projects:

  • library for converting geografic coordinates among Polish system (C++),
  • file format converter among common CAD/GIS formats (C#, WinForms)
  • IT support, registration sytem, web page etc. for international conference ESEB 2005 (PHP, MySQL)
  • automatic localization of company webpage (SPIP, Python, Web One Server)
  • many different extensions for ESRI Desktop (ArcMap)
  • dedicated apps, configuration and delivery of multimedia kiosk for arboretum
  • custom licensing system, software protection and licenses management



mob.: +48 513 122 244